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Why not to buy a house in Spain for future holidays or time off when you can just book a flight and head home to the sunny coast? That’s not a new idea and people from all over Europe have been purchasing property in Spain for a long time already. And there are many reasons for that including good food, reasonable house prices and decent public healthcare (top 5 in the world). Not to mention that there are two main attractive features of Spain - its beaches and the amount of sun it receives each year. The country has more than 4,900 kilometers of coastline, more than 2,500 hours of sun each year, and a mild climate for most of the year. The only places in Spain to experience less than 2,000 hours of sun each year - as well as greater rainfall than the rest of the country - are the Cantabrian coast and the mountainous regions.

But the process may incur a lot of difficulties and papers, and sometimes it can take much more time than you expected. We’re working closely with local real estate agencies and have gathered a huge experience in buying property in Spain from overseas.

With our Spanish Property Guide we want to help you:

  • to have an overview about real estate market in Spain
  • to get a general idea about house prices and cost of life in Spain
  • to understand the house buying process
  • to avoid any pitfalls of buying house overseas
  • to be informed about taxes you will need to pay
  • to understand differences between buying house in Spain and in your country
  • to be able to manage your property while you’re away

Download our Spanish Property Guide right on this page to have all the necessary info when it’s required.

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